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Support and discussion for the Deepest Sender LiveJournal client for Firefox and SeaMonkey
deepest senderThis is the user community for Deepest Sender, a LiveJournal client for SeaMonkey and Firefox. SeaMonkey and Firefox are the most powerful web browsers (a web browser is a program like Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari) around, and they are available for a wide variety of operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc).

Ask for help with Deepest Sender here if you need it, post bug reports, or discuss ideas for new features. To file bugs and whatever, go to Deepest Sender's BugZilla page.. If they make sense, then they'll eventually get fixed/added.

The 14 Rules of deepestsender:
  1. Make sure you're using the latest version before you report something not working.
  2. Check previous posts and BugZilla before reporting a problem.
  3. I don't write Spellbound or FoxyTunes, so I can't help you with problems installing or configuring them. Others might, but try and keep this community related to DS problems/ideas.
  4. Things that will probably never happen: friends editor (maybe one day, but it's a lot of coding for something that doesn't get used much), mood icon preview (there's no protocol for it, so stop asking), friends checking (a bitch to implement, and only works for paid accounts anyway), and any other feature that requires pages and pages of coding for a small pointless effect (drop-down username autocompletion, etc).
  5. Crossposting will also never, ever happen. I can't stand it when people do it, it abuses the LJ servers (and the LJ team is against it), and the possibilities for spam are enormous. And you've seen the amount of community spam there's been lately.
  6. Don't slag other members, unless they really deserve it.
  7. It usually takes a few hours for a release to appear on the MozDev mirrors after it has been announced here. It's just the way it is.
  8. The Mozilla Update site will almost always be out of date by a few weeks. It's not something I have control over either.
  9. I almost always stuff up releases at least twice. If a new version comes out and there hasn't been any for a while, chances are two or three bugfix releases are going to follow it within a week. So if you're not feeling adventurous, wait a few days before upgrading. But if you are, post ASAP if any problems arise.
  10. If you've written some code for DS and think it could use it, send it in! The best place is over at BugZilla though, but if it's just small things, post it here under a cut. I don't have any big organisational system going.
  11. You didn't pay for this, and I don't get paid for this (I could basically buy three quarters of a tank of petrol with the money made off donations in the past few years - a big thankyou to those who have donated though - every little bit helps), so don't be an arse.
  12. Deepest Sender is only ever tested with (and coded for) the latest releases of Mozilla and Firefox. No effort is taken to support nightly builds, RC's, alphas, betas, or other browsers (Netscape, etc).
  13. Obligatory Fight Club reference.
  14. Repetition of previous rule.
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