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does anyone else have this problem?

When I paste YouTube embed HTML into DS, it looks all fine and dandy until I post, at which time it posts all text and code up to the first <object> tag of the YT HTML. I haven't seen any other complaints about it recently but it's been happening to me at least for the last couple of months. This may only happen when I try to center the video with <center> tags. FF 3.5.7, OSX 10.6. :\

This does not seem to happen when I write a post on the site, though recently I've been thinking it's an LJ problem rather than a DS problem, cause I used to be able to do it just fine.

Does this happen to anyone else?

solved, thanks. :)
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(no subject)

New version should hopefully be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, my life has been turned upside down as of a few days ago + there was a bug that was harder to track down than I anticipated. Tomorrow I'll go through the translations that people have submitted and bundle the ones that work, then it'll get uploaded.

EDIT: Oh, and I'll try and get Seamonkey support back.

Support for Firefox 3.6?

I was just about to update my Firefox install from 3.5.(whatever is the latest) to 3.6 when the update utility flagged Deepest Sender 0.9.1 as incompatible. Thought I would ask if/when this might get addressed...

I'm a big fan of this FF add-on. I've been using it for almost as long as I've been using LJ (which is about 3 or 4 years now).

I don't mind waiting to upgrade to FF 3.6 until this is ready. I'm in no major rush.

Thanks in advance!
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Feature request - ScrapBook functionality

Hey, I'm a frequent DS user, since the beginning. I love its cross-platform support, because I'm using it on 4 Linux boxen, and one WinXP VM. :-) I have a feature request, if it would be possible. I realize that DS is primarily a LiveJournal client. But would it be possible to integrate some FotoBilder/ScrapBook functionality in it?

In specific, I'd like the ability to give DS a URL to an image online (that is not hosted by me), and have DS transfer the file to ScrapBook for me to link to.

My use case is when I find a cool pic online, rather than hotlinking (which is considered rude), I'd like to transfer it to my ScrapBook and link to that version of the picture. I currently do this manually, but why can't DS do it for me?

I see this changing the UI in only one place, in the "Insert an Image" dialog. Add a checkbox for "transfer to my ScrapBook and link to it there", or something like that. Maybe include a small amount of help regarding this option, and why it's important to use it. However, the option should only be enabled for people who actually HAVE ScrapBook. Additionally, if a picture is right-clicked and the "send to DeepestSender" menu item is clicked, that should also trigger the same dialog with the same checkbox.

As far as under-the-hood implementation, you'd first need to simply download the picture. That's easy. But then, uploading to ScrapBook is where things get non-trivial. My idea would be to look into the command-line ScrapBook client ( Also, not everyone has access to ScrapBook. All paid users do, but I think other users can pay just for that feature, so some logic would need to be added to see whether it's possible with the currently logged-in user.

At the point where you check to see if someone has a ScrapBook and are able to upload files to it, you've got the makings of a basic ScrapBook client. So it expands DS slightly. Future additions to the ScrapBook functionality could include tags (diff from LJ's tags, but you've got a UI for tags already), picture/folder sharing options (pulls the same groups as LJ, but I'm not sure if the implementation is the same, however like tags, you also have a UI for this already), picture titles (subject lines), and picture descriptions (HTML isn't parsed in these, so the "source" window UI element could be used to duplicate that).

That's just some ideas. I'm not much of a coder (at all), or else I'd contribute changes myself. However, I am pretty good at writing specs, so I've done what I'm good at. :-)
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New DS is up on MozDev, and it's sitting in the sandbox at AMO waiting for approval. If you downloaded it from MozDev originally, then the extension updater thing should do its thing properly (I hope - it's been over a year since I last did all the update-signing thing so I might have done something wrong, but it seems to work for me). If it's unable to download (worked straight away for me, so maybe they updated how all that stuff works in the past year), then it's possibly still syncing to whatever mirror you were trying to download it from, so try again later.

Nothing new (aside from that annoying-as-hell LJ user bug, you know, the Ctrl+K one not giving expected results), but I will start working on it again, otherwise it'd be a total waste of spending half a day trying to get everything set up for development.
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LJ user tag button doesn't work

I thought it was just me, and some inane fluke of my XP/Firefox combination, but now I read it on my flist as well: the button for the LJ user tag in DS doesn't work. I have to code it by hand in the source window.

And as I am posting, I must say a button for the 'small' and the 'strike' tags would come in REALLY handy, as I use them a lot -- the other two most frequent reasons I change to source view.

Is there, perhaps, a new version of DS somewhere that has these, but isn't known to Mozilla yet and has to be installed by hand?
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Set default category? Easy blockquote?

Hey, DS folks --

I'm liking Deepest Sender, but I have a couple of questions (or maybe requests):

Is there any way to set the default category? I have a handful, and DS always defaults to the first alphabetically, which happens to be one I rarely use. I was hoping I could set it for something more common, or have it default to the last category used. Is that possible?

And... is there an easy way to add a blockquote? I see I can indent text, but I was looking to use the blockquote (or cite) tags. Can it be done?

Many thanks!
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(no subject)

As the nerdy ones of you know, Firefox 3.5 will be coming out Real Soon Now. DS will be updated to work with it in the next few days (I don't actually have any development stuff set up here at the moment). Actually maybe next week sometime, I'm off to NZ on Friday and won't have time over the weekend.

Also, thinking about cutting out the Blogger/WordPress stuff. It was an interesting experiment, but let's face it, the support/features for it in DS are terrible and probably doesn't even work anymore.
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(no subject)

Okay, I'm a bit confused.

Ever since my Firefox update Deepest Sender hasn't worked for me anymore. I uploaded the newest version and installed it but nothing happens after that and I'm not sure why. It doesn't give me the log in page like it should. Anybody have any ideas what this could be and how to solve it? 

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javascript error message posting to blogger

Hi All,
Tried to get this in yesterday but I think I've pooped my deepest sender, so now posting from the website.
I'm new to the whole plugins thing, can't understand code for toffee or tea, and now I'm here.
I get this error message when I try to post an entry to the new blogger account I made.

[JavaScript Application]
Error sending post: [Line 2, Column 8] Invalid root element, expected (namespace uri:local name) of
(, found (:entry
Can anyone PLEASE shed any light on this?
Going crazy here because my screenreader won't work with blogger and so I can't post!

Thanks much for any help.

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