☸☼☸☼☸ (steamage) wrote in deepestsender,

LJ Sync Error - Invalid Password

Is anyone else having this problem with LJ Sync? I haven't used the feature in a while, and when it starts up, it gives the error Javascript Application: Invalid Password However, the PW I use for DS *is* accurate, and lets me log in/update my journal normally (for instance, I'm posting this entry via Deepest Sender.) I've been looking around online, and even tried other versions of DS on other versions of Firefox (via PortableApps downloads installations) but nothing is working... What gives? :S I'd really wanted to back up my journal; Petrus doesn't seem to do it, the WIndows backup program I tried requires .NET Framework (which won't run on Linux under WINE) and I just prefer using Deepest Sender for backups, anyway. :S Help?
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