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Basically I did some work on DS back in February, saved it all to CVS, then my motherboard died and I got a new one and reformatted and couldn't remember my CVS password and was too lazy to set up Firefox for development blah blah excuses excuses. Anyway I threw together this version based on that work - the geolocation stuff is a bit messy but I'll fix it up in a future version.

What's new (from memory):
  • Geolocation of posts using Firefox's geolocation stuff (hint: hit the "..." button next to Current Location). It won't look up where you are unless you click the button to search. It can be turned on and off via the options window. Important: for more information on privacy etc, see the Geolocation page at Mozilla. This feature is currently unavailable for SeaMonkey (it's part of Gecko 1.9.2 - well, geolocation itself isn't, but the XPCOM interface to it is).
  • The cursor should now appear normally, instead of having to alt+tab between windows to get it to pop up.
  • Removed eval() code from the startup window as AMO are having a whinge about it.
In the DS options, you can set what fields you want to appear for "current location" if you elect to use it. Just delete the bits you don't want, or rearrange them, or whatever. The interface for this is pretty clunky, but like I said, I'll fix it eventually.

That's it. You can grab it from MozDev or wait 600 years then check AMO in the off-chance they got around to approving it.
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