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Eight whole bits

Deepest Sender 0.9.2

Finally updated. Changes:
  • Redid namespaces in atom.js so posting to Blogger works again.
  • Updated for Firefox 3.6.
  • Working under SeaMonkey 2.0.2.
  • Added sidebar code back to SM (if you want to use the sidebar version of DS, either do it through xSidebar or when DS is installed, browse to chrome://deepestsender/content/install.html).
  • Removed old SeaMonkey specific workarounds (install.js, alternate options window, locale selection) becaise it's all good now.
  • Middle clicking on the userpic now opens a tab with the LJ in SM.
  • Editing posts in WordPress doesn't reset the date anymore.
  • When loading up a WP post to edit, the draft status will change properly.
  • "Posting to:" bug is solved.
  • Clicking a userpic shouldn't go to a 404 anymore.
You can get it from MozDev, or if you like waiting for things, AMO will probably get around to approving it in 2015.

Barring any screwups from me signing the update file (let's face it, no DS release has ever gone out smoothly), those of you who have previously downloaded from MozDev should soon get an "updated extension available" message. Fingers crossed everything works properly.

EDIT: Looks like I forgot to add hashes to the update file, and originally posted this note to my own journal last night instead of here. The tradition continues!
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