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LJ Sync and Post History

LJ seems to have done something to the challenge/response login mechanism that breaks Post History and LJ Sync. This is quite annoying. I am poking through trying to figure out how to get around it, but for now, if your copy of Firefox hasn't decided to update itself and break all your addons, try going to the account options (on the DS login page, hit the Options button) and unchecking the "use challenge/response authentication" part. This should get things working again for now if you're really desperate, however it's pretty insecure (not as bad as plaintext, but close - it just sends an MD5 hash of the password to the server). A proper update will be on its way... soon.

LJ Sync Error - Invalid Password

Is anyone else having this problem with LJ Sync? I haven't used the feature in a while, and when it starts up, it gives the error Javascript Application: Invalid Password However, the PW I use for DS *is* accurate, and lets me log in/update my journal normally (for instance, I'm posting this entry via Deepest Sender.) I've been looking around online, and even tried other versions of DS on other versions of Firefox (via PortableApps downloads installations) but nothing is working... What gives? :S I'd really wanted to back up my journal; Petrus doesn't seem to do it, the WIndows backup program I tried requires .NET Framework (which won't run on Linux under WINE) and I just prefer using Deepest Sender for backups, anyway. :S Help?
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(no subject)

Finally updated Deepest Sender for Firefox 5! Also fixed up the toolbar buttons, so one will now be in the addon bar and you can right click on the toolbar and use the customise thing to add up the top if you want. Also fixed the weird display bugs regarding right-click menus.

And, this time the auto-update thing should work if you have a MozDev version (I actually remembered how to do it properly this time).
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(no subject)

Just version-bumped DS so it'll work in Firefox 4. Absolutely no other changes have been done, so it won't appear in the addon bar or anything like that. I will probably eventually add that when I'm bored enough.

If you downloaded from Mozilla addons previously, you'll need to manually grab it from the Deepest Sender site. I'm sick of complying with AMO's rules and code reviews so it's no longer on there.

Hopefully I signed the updater file properly and if you previously downloaded DS from MozDev, it should work (I was testing and couldn't get it working - wasn't sure if it was due to me screwing up or things taking a while to get through to MozDev mirrors). If it still errors out after a few hours let me know and I'll investigate.

Support for Firefox 4?

Has anyone tried using the 0.9.3 version of deepest sender with FF4 on Windows 7 (64-bit). Curious to know if others have tried and what their experience has been so far. I haven't yet. I am hoping there are some of you out there who are more courageous than I am. :)

Solved! Deepest sender not showing user pics and/or tags not labled

symptom: after a firefox and/or deepest sender upgrade, one or more of the following occurs: user picture is gone, ability to post in other groups you are member of is gone, tags aren't labeled.

I don't know exactly why this happens but I think has to do with a corrupt user profile. I haven't tested that theory and probably won't, but someone else might want to try by rebuilding the profile. I chose a more nuclear option below...

Fix/work around: Uninstall Firefox and delete the mozilla folder with all the saved settings. Reinstall firefox and reinstall deepest sender. A fresh clean install solved my problems. For this to work you have get rid of the chrome folder or it will just revert back to your old settings and the problem will remain when you reinstall.
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Basically I did some work on DS back in February, saved it all to CVS, then my motherboard died and I got a new one and reformatted and couldn't remember my CVS password and was too lazy to set up Firefox for development blah blah excuses excuses. Anyway I threw together this version based on that work - the geolocation stuff is a bit messy but I'll fix it up in a future version.

What's new (from memory):
  • Geolocation of posts using Firefox's geolocation stuff (hint: hit the "..." button next to Current Location). It won't look up where you are unless you click the button to search. It can be turned on and off via the options window. Important: for more information on privacy etc, see the Geolocation page at Mozilla. This feature is currently unavailable for SeaMonkey (it's part of Gecko 1.9.2 - well, geolocation itself isn't, but the XPCOM interface to it is).
  • The cursor should now appear normally, instead of having to alt+tab between windows to get it to pop up.
  • Removed eval() code from the startup window as AMO are having a whinge about it.
In the DS options, you can set what fields you want to appear for "current location" if you elect to use it. Just delete the bits you don't want, or rearrange them, or whatever. The interface for this is pretty clunky, but like I said, I'll fix it eventually.

That's it. You can grab it from MozDev or wait 600 years then check AMO in the off-chance they got around to approving it.
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Deepest Sender 0.9.2

Finally updated. Changes:
  • Redid namespaces in atom.js so posting to Blogger works again.
  • Updated for Firefox 3.6.
  • Working under SeaMonkey 2.0.2.
  • Added sidebar code back to SM (if you want to use the sidebar version of DS, either do it through xSidebar or when DS is installed, browse to chrome://deepestsender/content/install.html).
  • Removed old SeaMonkey specific workarounds (install.js, alternate options window, locale selection) becaise it's all good now.
  • Middle clicking on the userpic now opens a tab with the LJ in SM.
  • Editing posts in WordPress doesn't reset the date anymore.
  • When loading up a WP post to edit, the draft status will change properly.
  • "Posting to:" bug is solved.
  • Clicking a userpic shouldn't go to a 404 anymore.
You can get it from MozDev, or if you like waiting for things, AMO will probably get around to approving it in 2015.

Barring any screwups from me signing the update file (let's face it, no DS release has ever gone out smoothly), those of you who have previously downloaded from MozDev should soon get an "updated extension available" message. Fingers crossed everything works properly.

EDIT: Looks like I forgot to add hashes to the update file, and originally posted this note to my own journal last night instead of here. The tradition continues!